Psychopomp: Entities responsible for providing safe passage for the dead to the afterlife.
Welcome to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. A nice place to visit. Worst thing to happen here was the Silver Bridge collapse back in ‘67. Killed 46 people. Some say that was the first time they saw “it.” The Mothman. Some say they saw it in the weeks before, haunting the bridge where so many died.

The Mothman’s a tourist attraction. We have a statue of it in the town square, though no one’s seen it in more than 50 years. Get your tee-shirts, customized key chains, see the movie! We get cooks & crypto-zoologists from all over the world! But ours is still a quiet town. Well, until lately.

Now we have all sorts of strangers showing up, and strange things happenings. Funny lights, black-tinted windows on black sedans, people missing time or seeing things, unbelievable things…

And the Mothman. People have started seeing that, too.


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