Ch. 2: Possession is 9-10ths of the Law

Case One: The Pleasant Murders

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

After holding them for the maximum amount of time allowable for questioning them and not charging them, the Police let Alexander and Andrew go. Andrew, thinking things through with his almost photographic-like memory, has come to the conclusion that at least some of the symbols on her body were Enochian (the cypher-language Dr. John Dee, Queen Elizabeth the I’s Doctor & Astrologist, had claimed was a magical language given down by the Angels). Cameron (who wasn’t held for any reason other than he really rubs Officer Ryans the wrong way) offers to put up his prison-mates at his place, so they agree to meet up there after they’ve fetched their affects and payed their bill at the local motel. Deputy Ryan is informed by the Sheriff that this whole case is out of their league, so the FBI has agreed to send some specialists to look into the affair. Once they arrive, he gets to babysit them and keep them out of everyone’s hair.

At their hotel Alex & Andrew find a bewildering number of cards & messages left for them. The reporter for the Gallipolis Daily Tribune wanting to interview them is not so surprising, but messages from the Church of Silent Sorrow and the Memento Mori Society leave them perplexed and curious. Calling the Church, they reach Derril Perkins, who happily tells them the Reverend Mara Staples would very much like to speak with them. The secretary for the Memento Mori Society, Rachelle Parr, also invites them to come out to Mortuary Hill to speak with them and share their experiences. Though both groups offer comfort, they seem to create more questions than answers.

Cameron arrives home to find his Cousin Jenna Seward in residence. He does his best to avoid her, but that only means she’s a bit drunk once she catches up with him. They chat a bit about the Family abroad, and their concerns for his future, much of which he tunes out. Her leading questions, asking him if he still hears “voices” like he used to, like when he was a child, before his trip to Vienna to see the Family “doctors,” leaves him shaken – especially as he has no recollection of such events. His attempts to get rid of her falling flat, she’s still around for dinner when Alexander and Andrew arrive.

more to come

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Alexander Smith Student - Embarrassing Secret 3
Andrew Lockhart Reporter - - 3
Cameron deTrevallion Dilettante Possessed Behavior Blind 4
Leo Ryans Cop - - 3


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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