Ch. 6: Theater Seats

Case One: The Pleasant Murders

A month has past since the Point Pleasant Murder Spree resulted in the arrest of Rachele Parr, and the arresting Officer, Leo Ryans, took off for Quantico with Agent Massey to look into a better job. Alexander, having recovered from his injuries and accepted a job as a Field Researcher for Memento Mori’s parent company, which by pure coincidence has made him increasingly paranoid. Cameron deTrevallion has also returned to Point Pleasant, having been excised of his personal demon and given an offer he couldn’t refuse, now acts on his family’s behalf. And Andrew is there, waiting for them, having joined the Reverend Mother as a devotee of the Church of Silent Sorrow. Not wanting to stay at his old home just yet, Cameron invites Alex & Andrew to join him in establishing a safehouse in the basement of the Point Pleasant theater-house, where they go over the events of last month, what they have (or may have) been up to since then, and what to do about the future. Given the active concern over Rachele Parr demonstrated by each of their new-found patrons, they may have some mutual goals to pursue if the court case against her falls through.

The news on that front is not good. She has some high caliber representation who’s making mincemeat out of the ramshackle evidence against her. Andrew’s contacts haven’t been able to find out just who’s fronting the money, but the gang’s guess is her former employers, the Memento Mori Society. Other troubling news is an increase in Mothman sightings, UFOs, MiBs, and worst of all, another occult-slaying using the same motif as that of the prior three from last month.

Could it be that, what ever else she may have said or done, Rachele may be innocent of the Point Pleasant Murders?

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Alexander Smith Student Hunter (Cheiron Group) Embarrassing Secret, Paranoid 2
Andrea Carlson Mercenary Vampire (Gangrel) Embarrassing Secret zip
Andrew Lockhart Reporter Hunter (Les Mysteres) - 2
Cameron deTrevallion Dilettante Hunter (Lucifuge) Behavior Blind 2
Leo Ryans Cop Hunter (VASCU) -


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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