Ch. 1: Welcome to Point Pleasant

Case One: The Pleasant Murders

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

We meet our heroes to be at a greasy spoon locals call “Mable’s,” legendary hereabouts for it’s award winning apple pie. Etta Marshal (daughter of Mayor Fred Marshal) happily collects the orders of regulars and strangers alike. She takes note of two such newcomers in town – it’s the off season, so she has to wonder, why are they here now?

Sitting in the corner stall, waiting for some of that world-class pie, also curious, is Deputy Leo Ryans, and when Etta makes her way back to give him that pie and a refill for his coffee, she gossips away. Turns out one of the fellows are Alexander Smith, a Grad Student from Ohio state, out here doing research for a paper regarding stories locals might recall from the disaster 50 years ago at Silver Bridge, and the stories of the Mothman that cropped up around that time. The other is a reporter from some west-coast internet paper, one Andrew Lockhart, here to do a puff-piece on the Mothman for Halloween. Being the two only out-of-towners (they can tell by being the only two in the diner working on laptops) the two are becoming fast friends, and even are considering working together in researching the town.

As the evening wears on, two others filter in, both local, both making Deputy Ryans roll his eyes and hope no trouble comes of it. Cameron deTrevallion, last and latest member of one of the Founding Families that came with the French who originally settled here (and across the river in Gallipolis), and possibly one of Point Pleasant’s more notorious eccentrics. The other being the ever nocturnal Andrea Carlson, a veteran from the Afghanistan conflict who apparently made herself a bundle and chose to spend it by settling down in Point Pleasant to run a gun shop. After Alex tries (and fails) to make introductions to the arrogant and self-absorbed Cameron, Andrea approaches the two newcomers and invites them out for drinks at a nearby bar. Neither the sort to pass up an invitation by a lady (even a slightly intimidating lady wearing sunglasses and a trench coat on a warm October night).

While passing a nearby alley the sound of a crash near a dumpster attracts their attention. Andrew charges in, and spots two large red spots, like eyes, skittering up along the wall, before they disappear and he hears a strange buzzing, flapping sound. The object to which the strange illumination is attached he never quite sees clearly. Then Andrea and Alexander have caught up with him. They tentatively open the dumpster, to find the body of a teenage girl. Barely 14, her naked body has been cut up, strange occult symbols carved into her skin. Deputy Leo, heading out to his car, notices the commotion about this time, and starts to head over. Andrew manages to snap off a few pics with his phone-camera before he arrives and nearly looses his lunch. As a small crowd gathers at the edge of the ally, Cameron decides to “help” with crowd control, and ends up being hit with a charge of obstruction of justice. He, along with Andrew and Alexander, end up getting taken down to the station for questioning. Andrea sidesteps the confusion and disappears before she too can get taken along for the ride.

Characters Concept Template Flaws XP
Alexander Smith Student - Embarrassing Secret 2
Andrea Carlson Mercenary Vampire Embarrassing Secret 2
Andrew Lockhart Reporter - - 2
Cameron deTrevallion Dilettante - Behavior Blind 3
Leo Ryans Cop - - 2


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